7 Essential Items For Your Furry Friend!

We only want the best for our fluffy buddies, and even put their wants before our own. This article will ensure your pet has everything they need, so your pet will love you even more! Here are the 7 essential pet supplies that you need in 2022!


A Box with a Bit of Everything!

The Adoption Dog Box will give you all the essentials at once, and is especially good if you’ve only just adopted a pooch! Dog treats chew toys, odour eliminator, oatmeal wash, and more, this is the ultimate gift for any owner, whether fresh or experienced. Even better, 5% of every purchase is donated to the RSPCA, so this overall goes to great causes! There’s also a Bamboozle Box, which has a small, medium, and large size! 


Travel with Ease!

Taking your pet places can at times be anxiety-inducing, but this Blue Foldable Multipurpose Pet Trolley was made with pet comfort in mind. With soft zippered mesh windows and adequate ventilation, travelling to the vets won’t need to be a struggle. You can also transform this into a backpack or handbag, making it easier to carry your pet from point A to B. There are also two storage pockets on the sides, so they can be loaded with calming treats or toys – such as this Puppuchino Plush – for your pet’s enjoyment!


Keep them Extra Cool!

As the summer approaches, this All for Paws Chill Out Dog Garden Water Fountain will quench your pup’s thirst after a day of play! No need to keep re-filling the water bowl, this dispenses water with a button and gives your pet just that little extra freedom! 

All for Paws Chill Out Dog Garden Water Fountain
All for Paws Chill Out Dog Garden Water Fountain

Food for Thought!

Giving the most effective diet to your pet is important, and the Royal Canin Maxi Puppy Food is perfect for giving them a balanced diet full of probiotics, antioxidants, and proteins to keep them happy and healthy! Whichever breed you have, Canin Maxi has a food formula that is geared to their health, which is easily digested and complete with 40 nutrients!


Scoop and Store Securely!

Are you tired of always storing pet food in your food cupboard? The Pidan Fresh Pet Food Storage Container solves this problem, as you’ll always have a secure place for pet food! Fitting 5 kilos of dry food, the silicone sealing will always keep pet food fresh and moisture-free, making it more delicious for your furry friend at dinner time. Bonus scoop is included, so you don’t have to resort to using anything else.

All for Paws Chill Out Dog Garden Water Fountain
All for Paws Chill Out Dog Garden Water Fountain

Change the Toilet-Training Game

Training your pooch has never been easier with the Potty Plant, which is a nifty dog toilet that resembles real grass! Get your pet backyard-ready with this eco-friendly and natural option, which most definitely beats using puppy pads! 


Less-Mess with Pets!

Bathing your doggy can be a difficult task if they don’t like the feeling of water, but this Portable Pet Bath can be used outside as well as inside, so the extra splashing won’t be a problem! The best part is, no inflation is needed.

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