Tips For Training Your Puppy To Be More Obedient

Importance of Training Your Dog 

It is in dogs’ nature to effortlessly relieve our stress and sadness. Though big dogs may look frightening, they are loving and caring to their masters. Dogs can provide us with companionship, security, and unconditional love. They can also bring us much joy by performing tricks or being our loyal hiking or camping partners. 

Dogs can be well-trained. You can teach them a lot of fun tricks but the most important training you should do for your dog is how to be obedient. Giving the obedience command can also create a harmonious relationship with your furry friend.

If you are residing in Sydney, you may seek help or assistance from Pet Training Houses. Dog obedience training Sydney will help your pet learn how to listen to commands and obey. They prepared training courses for yours that can actually show results. A few weeks of training can definitely be used for a lifetime. 

Read on to learn more about training dogs how to be obedient. 

Simple Tips to Train Your Puppy to be More Obedient

Training your dog at a young age would always be the best time for them to learn. In order to make them understand that they were doing well, give them treats as their rewards. Receiving rewards from their masters makes them feel that they did right and they will keep that in mind. Here are the basic commands that you should train your dog and the tips on how to do it. 

Tips For Training Your Puppy To Be More Obedient
Tips For Training Your Puppy To Be More Obedient

7 Basic Obedient Commands and Tips on How To Do It

    1. Sit
      To train your dog to sit, start by holding a treat close to their nose. Slowly move the treat up and back until your dog’s bottom hits the ground. As soon as they are in a sitting position, say “sit” and give them the treat. As your dog masters the command, gradually increase the amount of time they must stay in a sitting position before being rewarded.

      You can also use a verbal cue like pointing your index finger to the ground to help them understand where you want them to sit. Once your dog is good at sitting, you can start teaching them other commands like “lie down” and more.

    2. Stay
      Start by commanding your dog to stay. Reward them with a treat when they comply. Gradually increase the length of time that they must stay in order to be rewarded. Once your dog has mastered staying for short periods of time, gradually increase the distance between you and your dog before giving the command to stay. As always, reward your dog when they obey.

    3. Come
      To train your dog to come when called, start by calling their name and rewarding them with a treat when they come to you. Little by little, increase the distance between you and your dog before you call on again the command to come. As always, reward your dog when they obey.

    4. Heel
      To train your dog to heel, you will need to begin by teaching your dog the basic commands of sit and stay. Once your dog has mastered these commands, you can then begin to work on the heel command.

      The heel command is one of the most important commands that you can teach your dog, as it will help keep them safe when they are out on walks with you. To teach the heel command, start by walking with your dog at your side and holding a treat in your hand. Every time your dog looks up at you, give them the treat and praise them.

    5. Down
      Down is a basic obedience cue that asks your dog to lay down on the ground. Start by saying “down” or “lay down” in a firm voice, and then gently push your dog’s chest downward with one hand. As your dog starts to understand the cue, you can start to release the pressure as soon as he or she begins to lie down. Reward your dog with treats or praise as he or she performs the cue.

      The down cue is a great way to keep your dog calm and under control in different situations. It can also be used as a foundation for other cues, such as “stay” or “rollover.” With some practice, your dog will be a pro at lying down on cue in no time!

    6. Off
      In order to teach your dog to ‘off’, you will need a food treat and some patience. When your dog is calmly sitting or lying down, hold the treat close to their nose and say ‘off’. As soon as they take a step back, praise them and give them the treat. Repeat this process until your dog reliably backs away when they hear the word ‘off’. Once your dog is responding consistently, you can start to phase out the treats by rewarding them with praise instead.

    7. Bark
      Teach your dog to bark on cue. Start by saying “speak” and rewarding your dog with a treat when he barks. Once your dog understands the command, you can use it to get him to bark when someone is at the door or when you want him to be quiet.

Training dogs can be a daunting task but it can be a lot of fun. You just need to be patient and positive when training your dog, and they’ll be sure to learn in no time! As your dog masters these basic commands, you can begin to ask for them to do it in different situations and locations. For example, you can ask your dog to lie down before you put his or her food bowl down, or before you let him or her out the front door. You can also ask your dog to lie down when you stop during a walk, or when guests come over to your house.

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