Top Five Toys that will Keep Your Dog Entertained While Alone

It’s not all the time we can be together with our pets. We will need to leave them for work or school and they will be left alone at home. They can sense it even if you don’t tell them that they will be staying alone for a few hours. Dogs have the instinct to be fully attached to their owners. That is why they hate saying goodbye to us, they will hug and hold as their way to ask not to leave them. And as they see you prepare for leaving, they will start to feel sadness. And that sadness will turn into anxiety. 

What’s worse is that their anxiety might lead to destroying your home. It will start from barking or whining. Then chewing and scratching on shoes, doors, and whatever it is that they see in the house. They even pee or poop in any part of the house even though they are already well-trained. 

So to avoid them feeling separation anxiety, there are things that will keep your dog entertained while you’re not home. And of these things is by giving them the right toys that they will enjoy playing with and prevents experiencing the anxiety separation while you are away. 

    1. Nylabone DuraChew Toy – It will help your dog to keep busy by chewing and gnawing this DuraChew Toy. It is created with nylon that is made to last long. Vets also recommend the use of it because it is also beneficial to encourage the appropriate chewing habits for your dog, instead of chewing your shoes and other things that he sees in the house. 
    2. Extra-Cozy Dog Beds – Dogs also love resting during the daytime. Provide them with a more comfortable bed where they can lay down, rest or play. Having them a comfortable place to rest and play, they will not even notice that they are staying alone in the house. 
  • Kong Classic Dog Toy – This kind of toy can be found everywhere. It doesn’t just provide a toy to play with for your dog, it also helps reduce his boredom and relieves his separation anxiety.
  • Ethical Pet Seek-A-Treat Puzzle Toy – Aside from throw and catch games, they also enjoy playing different kinds of games. This ethical pet seek-a-treat puzzle toy will provide mental stimulation for your dog. It will strengthen and test the skills and IQ of your dog.
  • Starmark Treat Dispensing Dog Toy – This treats dispensing dog toy holds a variety of treats and kibble for your dog. Your pet will enjoy playing, doing exercise, and receiving treats from it. It makes the dog become more mentally engaged with the activities that they enjoy doing. Aside from the fun that it gives to the dog, it is also easy to fill and clean for the pet owner.


There are just a few of the toys that will keep your dog entertained even when they are alone at home. This will make them busy, active, and no separation anxiety will get to them during the whole period of their alone time. But keep in mind that these toys have to be given only during their alone time. Most of all that they need are your time to play and bond with them.

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