Top 5 Most Popular Dog Breeds People Buy

Petting dogs is indeed giving a significant impact on us. In fact, according to the scientists at Washington State University, regardless of the breed of dog that you are petting, that significant impact will reflect in just 10 minutes of being with them. That is the reason why the number of pet owners is continuously increasing nowadays. Aside from the truth that dogs are cheering and entertaining, they give a lot of health benefits to our bodies. Petting dogs help lower blood pressure and it is also beneficial in releasing the relaxation hormones. So whenever you are stressed, they can help lower stress hormones. Dog breeders also are able to register the dogs and sell them to new pet owners. 

Are you planning to have one to pet too? Or want to experience the magnificent impact that dogs give? Here are the five most popular dog breeds that people buy.

  • Labrador Retrievers – This breed of dog is intelligent and willing to work hard. They love doing activities, exercises, and training. Labrador retrievers are the best choice for service dog work. In fact, they are used for bomb and drug detection. They are also beneficial to search and rescue operations. These strong dogs are protective of their families and they enjoy being with people.
  • Golden Retrievers –  This is an even-tempered, affectionate, and intelligent breed of dog that you will surely want to see at home. Golden retrievers are easy to train. They are playful especially with children and with other pets. But they are not like the protective labrador retriever, you cannot count on golden retrievers to be good watchdogs. 
  • German Shepherds – this third on the listed breed is known for its courage and guarding instinct. If you are looking for a police dog, guard dog, or guide dog, this is the most excellent breed to choose. They have high energy levels and they are loyal to their fur parents. The German Shepherd’s high-level energy can join you on your jogging, hunting, or hiking activities because they don’t easily get tired.
  • BullDogs – this breed is aggressive to other animals but they are kind to humans. They are the most famous dog breed because they are predictable, dependable, and loving to their fur family. They love playing, so use it as a form of exercise to avoid gaining weight to their body.
  • Poodles – even though they are known for being high-maintenance to stay cute and sassy, they are one the most petted breeds. Aside from being really cute, they are indeed skilled athletes. These poodles are intelligent, easily trained, agile, and graceful. 

These are the five most popular dog breeds people buy. There are still other breeds that are the best choice for other pet owners. There are Rottweilers, Beagles, Pointers or German Shorthaired, Yorkshire Terriers, and more. But whatever breed they have, they are all lovable, cuddly, and bring relief to us. When you have gotten to choose your breed, love them and take care of them like your own as much as they care for you as their own family.

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